Shadowtraders is all about trading futures. We specialize in teaching our customers to trade Emini Futures, Treasury Bonds, Crude Oil Prices, Spot Gold, and even Currency Trading, all without relying on technical analysis predictive indicators. We'll show you a replacement for buying and selling Forex contracts, with as much volatility. You may become a successful night trader after work no matter where in the world you live.


UPDATE ON AUTO-TRADING: QA and development are still currently testing all the market scenarios we can come up with to ensure that we release the high quality product that our customers expect.

UPDATE ON AUTO-TRADING: Our first webinars to announce the release of auto-trading will be held on Thursday, May 15th at 2pm and repeated at 8pm. You won't want to miss this event. We'll show you live trading. We'll show you our results. Auto-trading at Shadowtraders is totally unique. Come See Why! Remember the date -- Thursday May 15th 2:00pm and 8:00pm (EDT). Click to signup for the webinars

Fight Fire With Fire!

Right now it may surprise you to know that much of the daily trading volume is done with high frequency trading robots (HFT's).

These HFT's may cause you to lose money while trading. Learn how to identify these robots with Shadowtraders own HFT detector.

On Tuesday nights, Shadowtraders lead trainer, Melanie Son, shows you how to identify HFT trades in the Futures Market with Shadowtraders proprietary Fractal Analytics Software and the HFT Detector.

Our Next Live Webinar Lecture Series is
Tuesday evening October 22, 2013 8:00PM EDT

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Right now you can learn day trading or night trading in the privacy of your own home: Emini Futures (S&P500), Currency Trading, Dow Futures,
Crude Oil Prices
, Treasury Bonds, Spot Gold.

We're not talking about investing thousands of dollars on options for weeks on end, hoping they don't expire worthless. We're not talking about buying and holding thousands of dollars worth of company stock for years on end, praying that we don't see another recession, earthquake / tsunami, or housing bubble.

Be Forewarned...This is NOT a typical trading seminar!

Look, trading is not an ATM machine. There is substantial risk trading in any Market, stocks, futures, options, bonds, etc. We cannot guarantee your success. But we can provide you every tool we know of to help you level the playing field against the HFT's.

Shadowtraders is all about trading futures. We specialize in showing our customers how to trade the S&P500 Emini, Treasury Bonds, Crude Oil Prices, Spot Gold, and especially currency trading at night. We have spent a lot of time studying which Markets are great for night trading. We'll show you how! We'll show you why, if you are going to trade online and want to be Forex currency trading, it is better to learn a trading system for the Futures of the Forex instead of using a Spot Forex system. We'll show you how productive you can trade online at night after work. Everyone has heard of becoming a day trader, but how about becoming a nite trader?

Learn to trade the: S&P500 EMini, Currency Trading, Dow Futures", Crude Oil Prices, Treasury Bonds, Spot Gold and Silver. We'll even introduce you to our strategic futures brokers who have great margins and commissions.

Watch some of our students tell you their experiences with Shadowtraders

Here's a little of what you'll learn in our Emini Futures Trading Course:

Trading strategies. We will show you a trading system you can use to become successful - in just an hour or two of trading, especially when you learn to go beyond technical analysis: Emini, Dow futures, Treasury Bonds, Currency trading, Crude Oil prices, and Spot Gold. Our trading strategies work better than Fibonacci numbers.

Trading software with Real Time Entries. The key to trading Futures is having trading software and a complete trading system that can give you consistent Real Time Entry Points. Shadowtraders now offers trading software with Advanced Fractal Analytics and pinpoint accurate Interday and Intraday Trading Pivots, both LEADING indicators. Even if you don't go through the entire Emini Futures trading course, being able to trade with Pivots and Fractal Geometry is worth the price! If you are used to using Fibonacci numbers, you'll love using Fractal analytics.

Dear Trader

My name is Barbara Cohen. I am the CIO of Shadowtraders. I've been trading strategies for over 10 years.

My first introduction to trade online was as a computer programmer. I had a broker who had a trading system on his desktop. He led me to believe that his trading system gave him real time indicators to know when to buy and sell. I figured that if his programmer could create trading software, so could I.

So I bought a book of 750 pages of mathematical formulas. I coded each one, looking for "indicators" that worked in different Market conditions. I backtested and backtested. But after months of backtesting, I realized there was far more to online trade than just technical analysis trading software. I needed to know what the insiders knew, understand their secrets. I knew I had to shadow them, buy when they buy and sell when they sell. But how?

It took me years of meeting the right people, learning from experience, and most important, losing money, to finally develop trading strategies that make me a consistent. It is said, until you lose money you are not a trader....I qualify to be called a Trader (Psst...after I had spent hundreds of hours developing a trading system with real time buy and sell alerts, I found out that my broker's system actually never did provide entry and exit signals, it just gave quotes.)

But look. You don't need to go through the same learning curve I did to be trading futures. For a limited time, you can now have the same trading strategies I use every day. Understand, I cannot promise you the same results as me. Why? Because I don't know you. I don't know if you are serious about twanting to trade online. Mostly, I don't know your work ethic.

I can't guarantee that every trade you make will be successful. My guarantee is to give you the exact same trading strategies I use every day especially for Dow Futures, Treasury Bonds, Spot Gold, Currency Trading and Crude Oil Prices. Bottom line...we are trading enthusiasts, could you tell?

Your trading friend,
Barbara Cohen

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