Shadowtraders held its 4 day futures trading seminar event
January 28 - 31, 2012
Read the testimonials from those students who attended:

(Note: Testimonials disclosure: Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results! Testimonials herein are unsolicited and are non-representative of all clients; certain accounts may have worse performance than that indicated. Trading Futures involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in Futures trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade Futures. No "safe" trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.)

I really canít commend Barb Cohen and her team highly enough for the major commitment they have made to helping the average trader really understand the TRUE mechanics of the trading markets and win at trading. I can admit that I have not been the fastest kid on the block as far as getting consistently good at ETF trading. Iíve had stellar days and horrendous days. Guess that makes me a real trader, but CONSISTENCY is the key to remaining in the game. This weekend I am re-taking the 4 day ShadowTraders Webinar AGAIN. Iíve retaken the course a number of times now and I have to say that the ability to retake this class as many times as I need to, to get it, is a significant bonus to every ShadowTrader and one reason, alone, that I would recommend this training course. On this re-training this weekend, on the first day I cleared up a point on understanding price trending that I really didnít know I didnít know until something clicked when I was listening to Barb explain it. The room literally got brighter as I watched the screen. Barb does such an exceptional job of being very deliberate and detailed about explaining the basics Ė many of which I have never learned anywhere else, and I am a person that has studied and passed the Series 7 Stock Broker licensing materials and traded stocks for others professionally. However, there are MANY, MANY minutia of what is actually happening in the markets and what is being manipulated that just are not promoted to anyone outside of the privileged elite in the markets. Barb Cohen has done a stellar job of researching and deciphering what is truly going on, and to her credit she has taken it upon herself to lay it all out in a way that can be absorbed by any trader willing to invest some time and effort to get good, and CONSISTENT at winning on trades. I wholeheartedly recommend the ShadowTraders training program for anyone who really wants to get consistently good at trading and know enough of the REAL fundamentals of the market to stay out of the way of the juggernaut of the HFTs and win. A.K.

Barb- Just wanted to tell you what a remarkable person I think you are. Your work ethic, your constant upbeat attitude, your patience in teaching and your passion to improve are all amazing qualities. Thanks for everything, and for arranging such a great endeavor like Shadowtraders. My hat is off to you.K

Systems that Iíve encountered before require continuous "pay to play" in order to advance oneís learning curve. ShadowTraders is without doubt the most generous Iíve encountered as well as being the most comprehensive. You get a lot of bang for your buck with ShadowTraders: combination of fundamental analysis and technical analysis; fractals which predict direction of price action; insider information that only the institutions and pit-traders know; responsive customer support; free lifetime indicator software upgrades; wide array of different styles which helps one determine their own trading style. The list goes on and on. Donít get me wrong as with anything worthwhile, it requires effort. Success with this system, requires two hands to clap. ShadowTraders can lead you to the water (consistent profits), but they canít make you drink. If you are willing to put in the effort and be disciplined in your trading, you will be successful with ShadowTraders. JP

Barbara, I want to thank you for your time and efforts in regards to the 4-day seminar and all the indicators you have provided. I think too many people are looking for the guaranteed ATM without any thinking involved, But they need to realize that it is market that does have a human element involved and one has to use the computer between their ears. It is amazing, and speaks to your driven character and pride in the company, that you constantly are looking for new indicators, have time to do the chat room daily, and prepare and conduct 4-day seminars. Just a note, I have previously written a testimonial which is still on the website under "The Complete System". It was true when I wrote it, and even more true today as I have begun to make money. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SG

Hi - just wanted to thank you for another great seminar where no matter how many times i take it i always learn something new i also want to thank you for all the work you do to provide us with new indicators that in places like indicator warehouse , big mikes forum, etc would normally cost $ 100.00 each that you give for FREE ( one of my favorite words) gb

Thanks for the new indicator! Bloody brilliant! Cha-ching!!!! Thanks for the new indicators. I have no idea how you did this, but it's bloody brilliant. Thanku!!!!! KJ

As a Professional Engineer and Business Owner, I was excited to learn about Shadowtraders! Referred by a friend, as most are, I am learning all the ins and outs of the futures market without losing all my money first. With a little extra money from my business I was looking for a way to invest some of my capital, and have always wanted to enter the market. Never have I heard of such a group of experienced traders willing to share their secrets. They won't sugar coat anything and will tell you exactly how the market works. They "educate" you on the market and then assist and continue to assist you on your journey through the market. The Self-Paced course and downloads were so informative and educational and the webinar has helped me put into action all the techniques and information. The Webinar has filled all the gaps and now with some practice I know I will be successful or at least 85%! If not, they will be there to help me reach my goals. Can't thank you enough Barbara and Melanie for all the information and sharing your wisdom with us. KU

Barbara, Melanie and Jim. I just wanted to thank the team so very much for all the time, effort and dedication you give to the seminar and all of us attendees. You course and program really provides an in depth and detailed education for trading. You give us the knowledge to KNOW the market, so you can trade it with confidence rather than uneducated guesses and luck. The best part of it, and what I am most grateful for, is that once we have attended the live seminar, you not only allow us to re-attend, you encourage it, with out any added charges. Apart from that being a rarity any more, to me it shows that you truly care about educating students like myself and helping them become successful. This was my 5th attendance to your live seminar. (What can I say, I enjoy them. They're fun and interesting). Not only is it a huge help for me to reabsorb the very important rules and fundamentals of the market, but I learn something new every time. Not to mention having the exposure to, and training on, any new indicators developed and the continually updated on-line study program. That's the beauty of it. Continuing the education with the most recent up to date information to trade the market successfully. My success rate really has increased greatly. Because I am focusing on and sticking to my rules and parameters that you and your course taught me to develop. Many thanks to you. JS

Hi Barbara, The 4-day is excellent. Even though this is my 3rd or 4th, I still learned things on the first & 2nd day while you were covering the basics. I am glad to be able to do this again, because my schedule during the last two prevented me from being able to attend every session. Blessings, Clint

Hi Barbara- I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for this seminar. It is obvious from both the content and the changes that appear from seminar to seminar that you are really dedicated to helping us become successful traders. Allowing us to attend the seminar as many times as we wish without cost after the initial fee is paid is extremely generous and something few if any of your supporters would do.

Hi Barbara and Melanie, I have been to three other 4-day trainings and they have all been great! However, this 4-day training training was off the charts!

The newest indicator is the closest thing to a "holy grail" that I have ever seen. Of course, nothing is ever one hundred percent but it is pretty darn close. What is different about ShadowTraders is that they arenít an "indicator warehouse" where they charge for every new indicator. One price covers everything for the duration of your trading career.J

Barbara: Eventhough I have been trading with ShadowTraders for sometime, I always get something new from you. As usual you did a fantastic job. As an educator professor, I am always in awe of your incredible teaching ability and your dedication to providing your students with an exceptional learning experince. Your new CT indicator is a real advance. I am thinking of setting it up with two or three settings to help to predict smaller to bigger moves. Things are going great for me. My two trading friends Gertraud and Jennie are really excited that I got them into ShadowTraders. They are experienced traders that have used a lot of programs and nothing compairs to ShadowTraders. Thanks again for two incredible days. RD

Thanks for all - Terrific 4-Day. I did 12 trades today at 100% ! I think I finally "have" it ! Best B

Dear Barbara, Having been with Shadow Traders for only two weeks, I must say how impressed I am with the quality of your education and services and your organization. Every contact from the 4 day seminar, support staff, the self paced course materials, classes, and chatroom has been professional, helpful and enlightening. You were described to me as a talented, dedicated and generous person. These qualities and so much more are abundantly reflected in all you do , your staff, the quality and energy invested in your teaching activities and materials. Shadow traders goes so far beyond the development and provision of your trading strategies and indicators, exemplary as they are. Many many thanks. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship. SN

BARBARA -- Just wanted to say I enjoy your Weekly Insights for future traders jk

The Shadowtraders 4-Day Seminar was everything I hoped it would be. I feel as though I now know how the market actually works. It is no longer a scary place! Peace of mind in trading is what was delivered. Where else can you get that? To get this knowledge in a short four days is nothing more than astounding. Without a doubt the best money I have ever spent on the subject of trading. A remarkable ROI! SR

I have attended quite a few 4 day seminars and this was the best ever. The instruction was superb and more direct or something. I really enjoyed it all. tg

You girls ROCK! It always amazes me the continued VALUE that Shadow Traders gives their students. You have leveled the playing field for the little guy and are a shinning light of hope for traders across the globe!!! sh

A great course. competes with my disciplines in Aviation. the same cautions and strategies are in use in both. Thank you all. T

This has been my first 4-Day Seminar. Barbara & Melanie, and your Trainers have provided 'golden' information. I am sold on taking the path of a Futures Trader, having listened to you all these past 4 days. Thank you. sh

The 2nd day of the 4 day webinar 1/29 I had a aha moment when Barbara was teaching us the true meaning of support & resistance and she made everyone to participate in the excercise. Everyone had to participate and get it right. There were over 100 people and she said it had to be 100% to be correct. I was wrong several times and I finally had my aha moment and now I can truly say I now know S&R. My trading has improved. Thank you Barbara so much. TW


Thank you Barbara and Melanie ! You are great educators and I am lucky to be a part of this awesome group! Congrats to Barbara on the new CT indicator. It rocks !! at

Barbara and Melaine- you gals are something else! I have never experienced such giving! Thank you Thank you! tc

Thank you so much for create this opportunity for us and sharing your vast knowledge. It is greatly appreciated. This is life changing information. ab

Dear ShadowTraders, I need to know what is the best way to get hooked up with NinjaTrader and the best broker. I am new with your program but instantly saw that this just what I was looking for. I had 2 young men in my office watching the presentations for the 4 days on my 46 inch screen and they are fired up too!!! They previously asked me what investing was I doing because they are part of the just unemployed. We had worked together on several community projects. I want to learn this FANTASTIC program and help several others I know. Incidentally, your instructors are EXCELLENT!!! I am a retired Engineer and am handling my money and want to help several others in this financial down time. God Bless You All, PC

Thanks so much. My 2nd time. I was amazed at how far I have come in 3 months. But learn so much more too. I love this and will love to teach or market for you some day. Dr.J

Many, many, many thanks to you, Barb and the rest of the gang for an outstanding 4 days. You know the old saying, when the student is ready a teacher will appear. Well, Iím an old time Shadowtrader, but until last December I think you could group me with your "hobby" members. I could trade, but not as consistently as I wanted to, being very conservative I never blew out an account, or even came close. I usually attend Melanieís webinars, but I really enjoy and find it valuable to listen to other traders. In December I attended Sherylís webinars and they really resonated with me. We emailed back and forth a couple of times and she gave me a couple of assignments to work on. Well doing this work really prepared me for last weekendís 4 day event. Again, many thanks,FW

Hello, I have a need to tell you, that I consider Shadowtraders a GEM of a find. Last year while researching several sights that offered Stock Market education I came across someone who begun his presentation by saying that "there is not one trader who is successful who would actually give out his secret or bread and butter, or the core of their money making" to anyone. That he/she may reveal only part of it". Well guess what, Barbara and Melanie not only give it their all, they also brought a slew of others who gave their all. It was an amazing 4 days. I now need to go back to simulator to implement all that was revealed. THANK YOU SHADOWTRADERS! Regards, Ana

Hi Barbara- As always, a great presentation which obviously took a great deal of work to prepare. Usually,in your program there is something new like the two indicators you presented this time. That shows your dedication to us. Once again, I thank you for all you and your staff do to help us. As you probably know, I hired Sheryl for three sessions after listening to her this morning. I really think that is wise and the cost is very reasonable. I have said many times that if President Obama was smart, he would give Melanie and you some money to trade and we could get rid of the deficit. AL

Hi Barbara. The 4 day seminar was great. A stellar job by both you and Melanie. I am also appreciative of the other speakers, Scott, Sheryl, Derek, etc. It is interesting to see how others use the indicators and apply them to their own style of trading. I found it very helpful. I am really excited about the new indicator and believe it will help me with making better entries. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years with different training and education programs, but Shadowtraders is the best by far. You are the only one I know that allows people to repeat a seminar for free as often as needed. I feel that I have received tremendous value for the money I invested in Shadowtraders. Thanks again to the entire Shadowtraders team.DR

As I read the other testimonials here, I found myself nodding in complete recognition and agreement. Everything said here about ShadowTraders and its people has been my experience too: their honesty and integrity, their dedication to helping students get the most out of their incredible program, their continuing exploration and sharing of ever-new ways to apply the material, and their patience in making sure it all gets across. After all we've seen in the world of how greed at the top can kill the dreams of everyday people, the examples of Barbara Cohen and Melanie Son, et al., can take awhile to absorb--they truly are the antithesis of the stereotypical Wall Street/banker type. They are people who, having created and carved out a way "up," turn around and offer their hand so that others may follow. They are people who can be believed, trusted, learned and profited from. I know I am beyond lucky to have found ShadowTraders and that anyone reading this will be as well. KH

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