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In March of 2006, ShadowTraders delivered their very first DayTrading Seminar in Clearwater, Florida, along with their free weekly Online Introductory Webinars.

These early events proved very successful, creating a continual demand for more of the same. Over the next few months the Intensive Trading Seminars continued being delivered throughout Florida, then expanded to Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

In July of 2006, it became clear that the delivery team could not keep up with the demand. It was then decided that a high quality dynamic daytrading system was needed to be built that could deliver the ShadowTraders technology online. This was especially necessary because requests for proprietary trading system had started coming in from all over the world.

What had to be developed was a method of delivering the technology to both novice and seasoned traders, no matter where in the world they lived, no matter what time zone. The task was monumental. The trading education had to include LIVE videos of trading along with comprehensive theory. And most important, the trading program had to be written so the client could go at their own self-pace.

Plans to develop ShadowTraders as an online, dynamic, international entity were put in place. A team of developers, designers, brokers, public relations and marketing professionals, etc. were given their assignments and targets, and they went to work.

Meanwhile the 3-Day Intense Trading Online Seminar became 4 days, and the Free Futures Trading Webinars continued, each one more successful than before. Seminar attendees were traveling from all over the world to be part of these events.

By the end of 2006 the ShadowTraders team put the finishing touches on one of the most cutting edge, dynamic presentations of its kind. The Self -Paced E-Learning Trading Course was born. It included:

  • 20-page Checksheet, with detailed instructions on completing the course
  • Live and Instructional Movies showing how each Trading Strategy worked
  • Trade Online exercises for simulated trading
  • Drills designed to challenge and improve trader skills
  • Futures Trading repository of valuable specialized trading theory

Knowing that theory and drills were still not enough to ensure knowledge transfer, as part of this dynamic daytrading system, a daily Online Live Daily Live Trading Chatroom was created for support.

Testimonials continue to pour in from extremely satisfied graduates of the ShadowTraders 4-Day Intensive Trading Online Seminars and Self -Paced Futures Trading Course.

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Telephone: 1-866-617-2037

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