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Schoon: Davos, Debt and Denial

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Article here and Darryl Schoon’s site is here.

“The gathering of the world’s economic elites in Davos, Switzerland is a reflection of the reigning power dynamic of the modern world. Officially titled, the World Economic Forum, Davos is sponsored by the world’s most powerful and wealthy corporations and presents itself as a “not-for-profit” entity.

However, if you believe the annual gathering in Davos is not-for-profit, you probably also believe that JFK died of natural causes while sightseeing in Dallas. Those who attend Davos–the Davo-tees of Mammon–are the winners in the game of capitalism, a game based on debt controlled by bankers through their issuance of credit…

Capitalism is not ending because those enslaved by bankers revolted. Capitalism is ending because the bankers’ insatiable greed destroyed the mechanism by which bankers indebt others. The sad truth is that those enslaved by debt still wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of [their] own slavery [and] let them [the bankers] continue to create money…”

This is merely a snippet from the full article. I always like Darryl’s writing style since it is not fussy or obfuscating, rather it is illuminating. Things are definitely changing. Your viewpoint and your actions will ultimately determine how well you do in life, certainly not from the dictates of these caricatures pretending knowledge and power in Davos. Go watch Kung Fu Panda, walk your dogs, get in 2-4 ticks a day trading. Breathe. Join Shadowtraders and learn to trade the Futures Market.