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Fed buys more than 100% of mortgages issued in 2009

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Full story here from Chris Martenson. Look at 1:29 of this video and see if you don’t agree after reading the below data…

“This is important information.  What I’ve found and present below is that the Federal Reserve is not just supporting the housing market, it is the housing market.

Just as important as a person’s desire to buy a home is their ability to gain access to mortgage funding.

The mortgage market is a gigantic beast with many moving parts, but it is pretty easy to understand from a high level.

The process works like this:  A homeowner secures a mortgage from a bank or mortgage company.  Then the mortgage is sold off to another company, with the cash generated by that sale now available to lend to other potential homeowners.  Ultimately the mortgage may pass through several sets of hands but ultimately it lands with a terminal holder.

In that chain, the mortgage might get sold off several times, or perhaps sliced and diced by Wall Street wizards, but all that matters is that some company (with cash) is there at the end to buy the mortgage to keep the whole chain moving along.

Lately, the “terminal buyers” in that chain have increasingly ended up being the federal government (through the GSEs) and the Federal Reserve. (more…)

US secretly tried to make a deal with Goldman Sachs in wake of financial crisis

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Full scoop here from Raw Story.

“BREAKING 10:08 AM ET:Vanity Fair will report in the next issue of the magazine that US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson — a former head of the investment bank Goldman Sachs — tried to orchestrate secretive deals in the midst of the financial crisis but got blowback from prominent investor Warren Buffett. The following press release was obtained by Raw Story; the magazine appears today on newsstands in New York and Los Angeles. (more…)

What is money?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

If you ask me, money is an idea backed by confidence, which should immediately give you pause when you consider all of the things done by Zimbabwe Ben to undermine said confidence.  But, I will give the soapbox over to this guy, who has his own ideas.

“This question divides economists even more than it divides voters. Voters do not think much about this question. Economists think about it throughout their careers. They do not agree with each other regarding the answer.

The problem is, about half of American economists who specialize in monetary theory and banking policy are either on the payroll of the Federal Reserve System or sell their services to the FED on a piece-rate basis.

Most of the others are trying to get in on the deal. Through the FED, economists set policy for American banking, and, through banking, just about everything else. (more…)