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Holds on Bernanke in Senate banking committee

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Full story here from Fire Dog Lake.

“As Ben Bernanke’s confirmation hearing begins in the Senate Banking Committee, a source tells FDL News that one Senate staffer and an outside source confirmed to him that at least one Republican on the committee will also place a hold on the Federal Reserve chairman, throwing the process into potential turmoil and giving Chris Dodd a difficult series of choices to make.

Dodd, who just announced his intention to vote for Bernanke’s confirmation in the Banking Committee and on the floor of the Senate, would be in charge of the decision to honor or ignore that hold. The fact that Dodd tried to place a hold on the FISA Amendments Act in 2007-08, and was generally ignored by Harry Reid, just adds a layer of irony to the process.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of his work behind the scenes on the Bernanke confirmation, told me that two separate sources assured him that the Republican hold would be made public after today’s hearing. One staffer said that two Republicans would place the hold, while the other said it would just be one. The source said that the trans-partisan nature of opposition to Bernanke, with a conservative Republican and a socialist independent uniting to block the appointment, shows the intensity of the feelings on the issue. “It’s great to see everyone come together – Democrats, Republicans, progressives and libertarians, against this Federal Reserve, which is not federal, and not a reserve, just a group printing money and giving it to their buddies,” the source said….”

Signs of an endgame showdown with Washington

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Full story here. This is seriously from the outer limits.

At 9:30pm UK time on Wednesday 2nd December, we established as follows:

Seven aircraft arrived in the pariah United States on this date packed with foreign dignitaries, officials, enforcement personnel, banking and IT experts and World Court officers, for the purpose of reading the riot act to the criminals holding high office in Washington, demanding immediate compliance with the justified release requirements of the international community, and enforcing compliance and procuring immediate release of the Settlement funds. (more…)