Billionaire death watch, part 2

Yes, this is totally tasteless. No argument. But in the spirit of schadenfreude and general disdain for the strained times, I submit the next installment of well-heeled individuals who decided to head for the exits:

And what else do I hear? That Trump has filed for bankruptcy again. What is this, 4 times now? Yes, it’s for one of the many subsidiaries of The Donald, but still…apparently you can fail with regularity as long as you steal enough to pay for your gold-plated toilet and a cadre of lawyers.

And just to add icing on the cake of weirdness, here’s a link to what happens to crooked– er, overly ambitious– billionaires. Let’s be clear, I do not condone “kill the rich” or killing anybody, but the illustration is that the chinese gov’t is recognizing the danger in businessmen gone wild and are getting them out of the environment and not allowing them to bilk at will for months or years more *cough* Madoff! *cough* cough*

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Update 8/31/2009 – Billionaire co-founder of EMC data storage:

A former ambassador to Ireland as well. Supposedly shot himself in the head with a shotgun. Gawd, doesn’t anyone do the Judy Garland pills ‘n’ booze route anymore?

And let’s add a “close but no cigar entry”

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