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Imminent big bank death spiral means gold will skyrocket

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie.

The mortgage & foreclosure scandal runs so deep that ordinary observers can conclude the US financial foundation is laced with a cancer detectable by ordinary people. The metastasis is visible from the distribution of mortgage bonds into the commercial paper market, money market funds, the bank balance sheets, pension funds under management, foreign central banks, and countless financial funds across the globe. Some primary features of the cancerous tissue material are mortgage bond fraud, major securities violations, absent linkage to property title, income tax evasion, forged foreclosure documents, duplicate property linkage to single mortgage bonds, NINJA (no income, no job or assets) loans to unqualified buyers, and more. In fact, more is revealed it seems each passing week toward additional facie to high level and systemic fraud. The world is watching. The growing international reaction will be amplified demand for Gold, from recognition that the USDollar & USEconomy have RICO racketeering components extending to Wall Street banks and Fannie Mae mortgage repositories. (more…)

Gold and Silver Breakout and Consolidation, China’s Greek Dollar Swap Window to Dump Treasuries

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie. Sorry for the lack of posts. Your gentle blogger was laid up in hospital for a while (man, those nurses really know how to party tho). But now I’m back on my backside, ready to flame the evil and the idiotic.

The Chinese are clever people. Their leaders play a good game of chess in the global scramble for commodity supply and financial dominance. Their patient strategy has tied the arms & legs of the USGovt, using their own debt securities as the binding rope. The accumulate almost reached a staggering $1000 billion, the ugly fruit of the Low-Cost Solution to invest in China from a decade ago. (more…)

The Athenian real estate panic & banking crisis

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Full story here from Martin Armstrong. History repeats itself. Shirley Bassey agrees with me.

Bonus: another article on gold by Martin.

Thoreau, Rico & Mortgage Fraud

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie. Meanwhile mortgage companies are probably screaming like this or this.

Some significant events are in progress, extremely important developments in the grand pathogenesis that reflects the deep decay and deterioration in the US financial structure. The most recent events pertaining to mortgage loans, home foreclosures, and disclosed fraud carry great potential to open wide cracks in the American social order. Revealed fraud is slowly coming into the open by the big banks. Civil disobedience has already taking form in popular protest. However, the recent events surrounding illegal home foreclosure seizure of properties elevates the exposed fraud to a new level. This is a boil ready to break open upon the society. The cases where people have been removed from their homes, even when no bank loan exists (as in owned free & clear), by means of fraudulent and forged documents, has finally provoked RICO law provisions. Witness the prima facie case of organized crime extended from Wall Street, whose roots lie most likely in Fannie Mae itself. The legal industry has finally joined the fray in class action lawsuits. Defense citing errors made have been met with accusations of fraud, quite a different game. (more…)

Competing Currency War in View

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

More fun here from my favorite gold bug. And now for something completely different, Gumby brain surgery.

Some prefatory stories are highly revealing. Bank of America is badly on the ropes. On the same weekend at the end of July, when the Bank For Intl Settlements executed a 340 ton gold swap contract, two other events happened. The London metals exchange apparently suffered coordinated delivery raids, all legal, but painful nonetheless, stripping the embattled exchange of much gold bullion. My source from the German banking fortress shared that the BIS might have rescued the London Bullion Market Assn, and thereby prevented a near default at the exchange. Spurious stories about aiding commercial banks, even the Portuguese central bank, were floated to distract the masses. The second event was that on the same weekend, Bank of America suffered a failure. But the USFed pulled it out of the fire by Monday morning with fresh huge infusions of funny money. This week, another $13 billion infusion came to BOA by way of much darker corners of USGovt agencies, from nether recesses. It is getting that bad! (more…)

Gold strong as Fed stuck at permanent 0% rates

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie.

Japan has proved without confusion that 0% is a permanent stuck position. The United States will repeat the path, but with a vast mudslide. Japan has had the advantage of a strong industrial base, a sizeable trade surplus, and no war budget. Thus it has been capable of funding much of its own deficits. It does possess a big debt burden. But the US has $1 of new debt for every $1 in government revenue. The US war budget is almost as large as its total revenue. The US depends upon foreign creditors, many of whom have been thoroughly alienated. (more…)

Gold and further shenanigans: Interview with Jim Willie

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Full story here via Max Keiser.

The ominous silent canary

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie (The Golden Jackass).

Alan Greenspan had full knowledge of his betrayal to the principles of sound money. He wrote early in his career about the only legitimate basis for a monetary system, namely Gold. His published works from four decades ago read like an indictment against his career for monetary crimes against the nation. His accommodation, giving the financial sector what they wanted, betrayed his mindset. He knew the nation courted disaster with a long delayed fuse. (more…)

Gold imminent breakout

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie a/k/a the Golden Jackass. Your bonus multimedia here.

Many observers to the wild gyrations, deep contortions, extreme measures, and other bizarre activity in the government and banking arenas are suffering from severe confusion. The public is alarmed, even frightened, by the sequence of events, without much benefit of comprehension of what is happening or which clans are in control. The degree of deception hit a peak during the TARP Fund creation and disbursement, done behind private closed doors for the replenishment of sacred preferred stock, that bridge between corporate bonds and stock equity. The deception hit a very high pitch with the financial titan failures, the entire string of them. It has never stopped since. (more…)

Gold spike weirdness

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Check this out: Gold went up to 3401.50?!?!?!?

Gold Sep 10


Last Trade: 1,236.60
Trade Time: 2:16PM EDT
Change: Up 1.30 (0.11%)
Prev Settlement: N/A
Open: 1,237.10
Bid: 1,237.30
Ask: 1,237.40
Day’s Range: 1,234.00 -3,401.50
Volume: 0
Open Interest: N/A
Exp. Date: N/A