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North European Euro Nations Preparing to Slaughter the PIGS

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Full story here from Jim Willie (The Golden Jackass).

Natural forces are at work in Europe, powerful forces, in fact forces that are not evident. It is amazing how little the financial analysts notice the forces at all. Since the year 2007, a hidden force began to put pressure on the European Union financial underpinning. Like any fiat currency, the foundation resorts to debt. It came to my attention almost three full years ago that Spanish EuroBonds had a yield slightly higher than the benchmark German. (more…)

More pillars of Europe crumbling

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Yes friends, the fall of Europe continues. When will people learn that bailing out crappy banks and not arresting bankster scum will not help your economy?! At this rate there will be Switzerland, surrounded by smoldering piles of burnt economy.

Hungary is starting to slide off the cliff:

Goldman Sachs now targets EUR-USD at 1.18:

Portugal’s credit rating┬áheading out the door too:

We’ve already hemmed and hawed about Spain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia etc etc etc. The next fat tart to sing will be jolly old England. When that one goes, the tsunami wave heads for the US.

Did I mention Europe was crumbling? Add Romania to the list: