Shadowtraders and Ninjatrader

Ninja TraderNinjaTrader was designed to exceed your trading needs. Ninjatrader is recognized as the industry standard for order entry and charting. NinjaTrader's platform has excelled in trade management using its Advanced Trade Management (ATM) technology to protect your open positions by giving you predefined strategies (profit target and stop loss) that semi-automates bracket orders on order entry

Are you a programmer? NinjaTrader has been expanded to include automated strategy development capabilities. Program your trading strategy ideas, test them historically, optimize them, test them live with simulation, and finally deploy them live.

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What use is a trading platform to you if you can't use it to maximize your trading? NinjaTrader is there to support you. Need help getting started? Need help understanding the platform features? Need help with incorporating Ninjatrader's features into your trading? Ninjatrader provides live weekly training sessions where you can ask all of your questions.

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NinjaTrader in Details

NinjaTrader has powerful features to enhance your trading abilities


The NinjaTrader SuperDOM has proven success with traders internationally. Place orders or modify existing orders with a single click of the mouse or automate trade execution with its exclusive ATM technology.

  • Buttons for quick order entry and exit
  • Order entry and modification is Single click
  • Easy visual order and open position display
  • Bracketed OCO orders on entry

Chart-based Order Entry

With NinjaTrader you can do your technical analysis and trade Real-Time with the Advanced Chart Window

  • Enter, Change, and cancel orders right in a chart
  • Monitor position size, entry price and real-time profit and loss
  • Use ATM strategies

Advanced Trade Management Features

NinjaTraders Advanced Trade Management (ATM) gives traders a true trading advantage by enabling them to use rules for complete semi-automated trade management. Features include:

  • Automated Profit Target and Stop Loss Order Submission
  • OCO (Once Cancels Other) Orders
  • Breakeven Stop Loss
  • Trailing Stops
  • Simulated Stop Loss Orders

Advanced Charting

Regardless of the Market you trade, NinjaTrader charts are flexible, customizable and user-friendly to allow you to see market data in a manner right for your trading style.

  • Flexible Chart Styles, Chart Intervals
  • Over 100 Customizable Technical Indicators
  • Ability to Develop Custom Indicators with NinjaScript™
  • Trade Directly Right in the Charts

Strategy Development and Backtesting

Develop your strategy ideas, build them, test them historically, optimize them, test them live in simulation. Where else can you find a comprehensive end to end system development platform?

  • Strategy Creation even for Non-Programmers
  • Strategy Development and Backtesting with NinjaScript
  • Real-Time Simulated Testing Environment
  • Real-Time Order Handling
  • Live Automation

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