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Shadowtraders March 23, 2013 2-Day Seminar

"What I Truly Love About Shadowtraders"

What I truly love about Shadow traders is the constant innovation and striving to improve the product, making so many efforts to have your traders succeed. This last webinar was no different from the many I have attended, a terrific review of the Shadowtrader basics, new tips and pointers to help keep us on track and always profitable. The underlying method of providing a reliable 85% success rate trade gives incredible confidence and calmness to the trading experience. The trainers truly have our best interests at heart and their desire to have us be successful traders is a great benefit to a member, and very difficult to find out there in the world of trading education. Success rates that we have are unheard of, in fact I bet most experienced traders would doubt our results, and be astonished that so many are doing so well. They too would be surprised that time proven indicators have been programmed to work in a modern futures trading environment, simple applications of lagging and leading indicators, that give stellar results when followed with a simple plan. They would also be amazed to watch a trading instructor make money, hand over fist, right in front of the chartroom. Adjusting to high frequency trading, volume and volatility changes, finding markets that suit a particular trading style are all standard fare here. There is no sense that once you have a system in place, that's it. Things here are always adjusting to the markets, crucial if you want to keep your income increasing and trading always profitable, which so many of us are. Helping a new trader discover markets that suit their personality and trading style is crucial, I believe, to making money over the long-term. This is a Shadow traders benefit that has new traders making money immediately when they go live with their accounts.- AS

"There is So Much To Absorb"

I really like the concept of taking two or three high probability bites out of the market and ending up with a daily paycheck, rather than trying to get it all at once and losing what I've gained.DN

"Many Thanks"

Iíve attended several of the weekend seminars. Amazing that Barbara and crew upgrade the classes to current needs. At this May session she spent extra time teaching how to deal with the High Frequency Taders. The principles she teaches really work! GS

"It Was Wonderful"

I love to learn new ideas and new ways of trading. This weekend's seminar was brimming full of trading techniques that I've never read about in books, learned at trading conferences, or been taught by other very fine trading coaches. Everything about this seminar was "top drawer." It was so much fun that the hours just seemed to fly by. I wish it didn't have to end. Last night before I went to sleep, I tried one the of the trading strategies that you taught us. I placed a one contract trade on 6B before I went to sleep. When I woke up and checked my computer, I had made $793.75. LW

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Disclaimer Notice: The testimonials cited herein reflect results experienced by students who have devoted their time and effort to following the guidance and training provided by Shadowtraders. These testimonials provide information about students' experiences when the students provided them. We make no assurances that these students sharing stories of their past earnings can, or will, duplicate these results going forward. Shadowtraders has received from each student that the information in the testimonial is accurate. Shadowtraders has paid no student to share his or her story. You should not infer from these testimonials that Shadowtraders is guaranteeing your success, or that you will make any money. Chances for success are a function of several factors, including your motivation and effort to learn and implement the course materials, your skill set, your follow through with what you learn, and changing circumstances in the Futures market. Further, as with all trading, there are known and unknown risks that may present additional hurdles to your success. Your decision to purchase Shadowtraders course or seminar should be based on your own due diligence, and not on any representation that we make to you.

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