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Now you can learn to trade like the professionals from the privacy of your own home. Can't attend the 4-Day Emini Futures Trading Seminar? No problem. The same information you receive in the Trading Seminar is available right now in the Self-Paced Emini Futures Trading Course. Every trading strategy and all the trading software. There is even an Entire Trading Seminar recorded in the Self-Paced Emini Futures Trading Course for you to hear again and again and again.

You'll learn the Market Trading Days, the Worst and Best Times of Day to Trade, even why the Future Market and its "BattleGround" render trading software inopperable.

Be forewarned: This is not typical trading education!

The Emini Futures Trading Course is not just a technical analysis day trader course. Use the tools even when you discuss potential trading strategies with your Full-Service Broker. This is your ultimate Futures Trading education.

The Emini Futures Market Trading course is far beyond just technical analysis training. It is a unique blend of fundamental analysis and a proprietary strategy trading system, specifically taking advantage of the Futures Market's movements.

"Trade like a Veteran Regardless of Where in the World You Live"

You discover the secrets that directly affect your ability to be profitable. Learn trading strategies, and then trade your strategies. Get the stick-to-it-ness to make your trading strategies work.

Here's what is included in the Emini Futures Trading Course:

20-Page "CheckSheet". A specially tailored 20 page "Checksheet" of actions to perform for you to learn to be a day trader like a seasoned professional, no matter where in the world you live. There is theory to understand and absorb, actual live trading movies to watch, audio and video clips of the materials you just saw to reinforce your understanding, and LIVE Trading Drills you need to do on the Live trading platform.
More than 150 Instructional Videos and Live Trading Movies to Watch. It's almost as if the professional day trader were sitting next to you in your home office showing you their insider secrets to trade online.
Quizzes and Drills. In each Checksheet Section are Sub-Sections. After each Sub-Section, the CheckSheet has you explain what you just read. That way you are positive you didnít miss any important points. Reading and explanation are followed by a Quiz on the salient points for that Sub-Section. Quizzes and Drills accelerate the learning process, reducing the time needed before you are can trade online Consistently.
Trading Software with Real Time Entries. The key to trading Futures is having software that can give you consistently successful Real Time Entry Points. This trading course now has trading strategies with Advanced Fractal Analytics using Fractal Geometry and pinpoint accurate Interday and Intraday Pivots , both true LEADING strategies. Even if you don't go through the entire course, being able to trade with profitable trading strategies and templates is worth the price! You'll go far beyond mere technical analysis.
Trading Chatroom Keep up with the Market real time as the Futures Chatroom moderator takes you through the mornings' live trading day. The Live Chatroom starts even before the Market officially opens, when many institutional traders are already at work.
Real Time Trading Simulation. Simulated trading is key to the learning process. The Trading Simulator is fully functional and runs real time. You can take advantage of your training immediately and "paper-trade" to become expert. Why would a pilot spends hundreds of hours with a simulator before he flies in a real plane?
Exclusive Futures Market Community Area. Participate with other traders discussing charts who trade online, futures brokers. Trading strategies are posted regularly, and questions are answered. This is a daytrading community with members helping other members to achieve success
Extensive 130 page Trading Tips. Read each Future Trading tip, from top to bottom. These tips are just full of invaluable information you can use daily as you trade online.
Replay Simulation Instruction.
Included in the Emini Futures Market Trading course is a simulator where you can record the Live trading day. You can replay the recordingsas if you were able to trade online in Real Time.

Learn to Trade Online as if it were "Live", even if the Futures Market is closed

Want to accelerate your learning curve? Here's how. Record a day's worth of trades. There are 20 days recorded, and they change to keep up with the Futures Market conditions. Now run the trading platform as if you were there Trading LIVE. You Make the Trade. Did you miss a trade? No Problem. Reset the start time and try the trade again, as many times as you need until you can Make the Trade profitably.

Replay Simulation gives you the confidence to be Consistent with your trading system.
You will learn to trade Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), concentrating on trading emini futures (S&P 500 Emini), Dow futures, Currency Trading, Crude Oil Prices, CL, Treasury Bonds, ZN and ZB and Spot Gold. Find out why trading the Futures of the Forex is better than trading the Spot Forex. Our trading strategies even work with commodities and for anyone who wants to become an option trader. Check out our article on Trading In Futures.

This is Futures Trading at its Best!

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